Kingston Russell House
Saturday 17th July 1999

"A" GROUP:- Philip and Ann
Tony and Jeanne
Lesley and Celia
Tim and Kate
"B" GROUP:- Brian and Alison
Jed and Pat
Robin and Joanna
John and Hilary

Ribbon 3: Kate, Ann, Jeanne Joanna, Pat, Alison

Dances in First Group:- Blooms of Bon Accord (twice through)
Ribbon Dance
Flower o' the Quern (twice through)
St. Andrews of Brampton (twice througn and dance off)

Dances in Second Group:- Reel of the 51st Division
(4 times through)
Jed and Tim
John and Tony
Brian and Robin
Philip and Lesley
  Shepherd's Crook Brian, Alison, Jeanne
Philip, Pat, Ann
  Market Square Ann and Alison
Joanna and Kate
Pat and Jeanne
Hilary and Celia
  Sixteensome Reel 1. Tony and Alison
2. Robin and Ann
3. Tim and Kate
4. Brian and Joanna
5. Lesley and Jeanne
6. Jed and Pat
7. Philip and Celia
8. John and Hilary

It was a scorching hot day and the setting was perfect - a sunken lawn surrounded by the stalls, so we had a captive audience.

As Jed had been unable to attend any practices, Robert Dawson very kindly took his place in the first group which went extremely well.

To have eight kilted men dancing at demonstration level is quite an achievement.

Unfortunately in the second group the tape started to wind backwards, but luckily the C.D.s were on hand so we managed to carry on dancing with very little upset.

At the end of this group we invited members of the audience to join in "Market Square" and mustered four sets.

We heard afterwards that the dancing had been very much enjoyed and many favourable comments had been received.