Walditch Fete
Saturday 4th September 1999

Display arranged by Pat Hughes
All were 5-couple dances.

Team:- Brian and Alison
Philip and Pat
Jed and Caroline
John and Hilary
Tim and Kate

Bill did the music and announced the dances.

Dances in First Group:- Polharrow Burn
Scotch Mist
The Brisk Young Lad - a new dance introduced by Bill

Dances in Second Group:- Black, Black Oil
Kinfaun's Castle
Tullyvolan - another new dance introduced by Bill

The dancers had to perform in the road and were piped from the village both times by Lewis Findlay.

The dances were well received, especially the first group with its little touch of humour at the end when the circle failed to wait for one male dancer.

As it was another very hot day, the team were very grateful to Pat and Jed for making their house and garden available for resting between sessions and having cool drinks.

They also very kindly invited us all back for tea and cake at the end.

A fitting end to our successful summer of demonstrations.