Scottish Evening - Bridport United Church Hall
Saturday 19th February 2000

The evening was organised to raise money for the refurbishment of the Church Organ.

Jed Hughes was the M.C. and did a wonderful job.

The programme started with Lewis Findlay piping in the dancers to a slow march and set the atmosphere for the evening as the audience burst into applause as we went round. The dancers then went into the Gay Gordons to the pipes and the second time through they took up members of the audience who joined in with great gusto.

20 dancers from the Technique Class took part in the various demonstrations which grew in number from 1 to 16 as follows:-

1 dancer The Highland Fling danced by Alison Rumble to the pipes.

3 dancers The Shepherd's Crook Brian Rumble with Alison and Jan Rodger
Ian Rodger with Kate and Jeanne Townsend

4 dancers Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch Philip and Ann
Robert and Gill

6 dancers Macpherson's Jig
The Minister on the Loch
Jan and Ian Rodger
Celia and Tony Mead1ey
Joanna and Robin Musson

8 dancers Lammermuir Hills Ann and Celia
Caroline and Pat
Joanna and Gill
Hilary and Kate
  Reel of the Royal Scots Brian and Tony
Robin and John
Tim and Robert
Philip and Ian

9 dancers The Ribbon Dance Celia, Ann and Kate
Jeanne, Alison and Pat
Gill, Joanna and Jan

10 dancers The Brisk Young Lad
Scotch Mist
Jed and Caroline
Philip and Pat
Brian and Alison
John and Hilary
Tim and Kate

16 dancers Sixteensome Reel Jan and Ian
Ann and Tony
Hilary and John
Caroline and Philip
Pat and Robin
Tim and Kate
Jeanne and Brian
Gill and Robert
  Bridport 2000 Tim and Kate
Tony and Celia
Ian and Jan
Robin and Joanna
Philip and Caroline
John and Hilary
Robert and Ann
Jed and Pat

During the first half Philip and Margaret Dawson each sang solo Scottish songs and a duet and during the interval Philip and Dorothy Manning led community singing. They were accompanied by John Key on the accordian and Faye from Weymouth on the fiddle.

The whole evening went with a swing and was enjoyed by all, including Sandra Brown, the Mayor.

£380 was raised for the Organ Fund, of which £125 from the raffle.

Congratulations to all who took part and to Gill Hunt and Jeanne Townsend for organising the snack type refreshments with a Scottish flavour.