Colmers' Festival
The Tythe Barn, Symondsbury
Saturday 4th August 2001

The dancing had to take place on a 12 ft. square stage erected about 2 ft off the ground in an old Tithe Barn, so the number of dancers and the programme were limited.

However, all went well and noone fell off the stage!

The Nurseryman
Minister on the Loch
Tim and Kate
John and Joanna
Robin and Hilary

Ribbon Dance Ann, Gill and Kate

Cherrybank Gardens John and Joanna
Tim and Gill
Robin and Ann

Jim's Haberdashery As above with Hilary replacing Joanna.

The dancing was well received and the audience clapped with great gusto.

Shortly afterwards at the end of the next concert item, the lights all fused, so we were very lucky to be on first.