Briport Charter Fair - South Street
Saturday 2nd July 2005

Team: Tony and Ann
Alastair and Kate
Andrew and Jane
Brian and Gill

Andrew White and Jane from Chardstock came in to help us out at the last minute, as most of our usual dancers were on holiday or injured.

Liz and John Palmer from Dorchester, who come to our Technique were going to dance with us, but she broke her arm.

Dances: Blooms of Bon Accord (twice)
James Gray (twice)
Silver Halsway
Nottingham Lace
  Angus Macleod
The Robertson Rant
The Nurseryman

Sandra Brown had not been able to contact David Jeanes about the music until the night before and by then it was too late to arrange any amplification.

Consequently we had to put our player on a table in the street as near to the dancing as possible, but it was still not very loud and we had problems with the cable. Celia was going to put on the C.D. but in the end she couldn't be there and Kerrie nobly helped out.

Lewis piped us up from his office on both occasions at 11.30 and 12.15 and the actual dancing went well despite all the problems beforehand and we certainly had a good audience.

We hope it has been a good public relations event.