Briport Charter Fair - South Street
Saturday 1st July 2006

Team: Brian and Gill
Alastair and Kate
Philip and Caroline
Tony and Ann
John and Sarah

Dances: Polharrow Burn
Ship in Full Sail
All 3 times

  Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
Scotch Mist
Starry-eyed Laddie

Celia did the music for us and this time it was well amplified, but the organisation was about as bad as last year.

Our first session was billed for 2.20 p.m., but we had to go on earlier as another Group had not turned up.

We made the top of the set at the top of South Street, but as the music was at the foot this threw some dancers and they went the wrong way!

For the second session at 3 p.m. we made the top of the set by the music, but then this threw some other dancers!

By this time a lot of the audience and stallholders were rushing to get off home as England were playing a World Cup Match at 4 p.m.

Cars were also trying to come into our dancing area to add to the chaos.

We ended up dancing to a handful of people, so it was not one of our best efforts. It was also extremely hot.

We have told the organisers that we will not take part again next year. One good thing that came out of the demonstration was that we got a very good big coloured picture in the Bridport News.