Beaminster British Legion Barbecue
Friday 14th July 2006

We intended to have a team of four couples, but both Tony and John were injured and Alastair and Brian had other commitments, so we ended up with a very mixed selection.

Team: Robin and Joanna
Celia and Ann
Philip and Caroline

Dances: The Luckenbooth Brooch
Minister on the Loch
  Heather Mixture - a selection of dance formations put together by Ann to show patterns formed by two men and four ladies.

The event was held in a beautiful garden but the audience were arranged at tables on the terrace, while the dancing took place on the lawn below, so unless people came down they couldn't see very well.

However, the dancing went with a swing and was almost perfectly executed.

The food at the barbecue was also extremely good with all kinds of salads, chicken legs, sausages, etc, so we all tucked in and sat in the garden in the hot evening sun.

AND Philip and Caroline won a raffle prize, the quiz (with a little team help!) and a large bowl of fruit!

Afterwards we were invited back to Robin and Joanna's house for very welcome tea and coffee.

Altogether a very pleasant evening.