Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost a year?

First session free - then £2.00 per session, which includes tea/coffee/squash and biscuits - we sometimes wonder if we are underselling our hobby!

Will you tell me if I'm a useless dancer?

Probably not (unless you actually ask!) We live in hope!

Would you prefer that I bring a partner?

It's up to you - if there are not enough of one gender (usually men) then the other gender fills in . . . As it happens, our Bridport group is fairly well off for men . . . see also The Ladies Man

Am I too old at 80?

We have several dancing members over 80 but we think it could be tricky starting from scratch - there might be quite a lot of technique to learn.

Am I too young at 8?

Definitely not! The sooner you start the easier it is to learn.

What if I've never done it before?

We'll help you get started!

Do I need Scottish ancestry or allegiance?

No! (Many of us wear kilts but just because they swirrrl nicely when we birrrl . . . )

Do I need special clothing?

No - but soft-soled shoes are good . . .

Do you dance to live music?

Whenever possible - especially for Balls and for other special occasions - but we find that CD's give us a lot of flexibility and they don't get tired (and they're cheaper . . . )!