Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

RSCDS London Branch - Pat Batt's poems

Probably the largest branch outside Scotland

RSCDS International Branch

Members in UK and 27 other countries

other branch and club websites


MiniCrib Do check often - They are updated 9 or 10 times a year

Condensed instructions for almost all Scottish country dances

Diana's Diagrams

Diana from Abingdon SCD Club produces diagrams of the dances to accompany or replace cribs. They are not an official notation, but have the advantage of showing the relative position and direction for the dancers at the end of each phase.

The Strathspey Server

An international source of info about dance and music

SCD Database


Scottish Dance Archives

Various dance instructions etc.

Grand Chain

A resource for Scottish dancers worldwide

Music in Scotland

Scottish Country Dance CD Index

Scottish Country Dance Dictionary

A Comprehensive Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary


Android instructional dance videos

U-tube Dancing Diagrams . . .

. . . does "what it says on the tin"

RSCDS Vancouver

Language of the Dance from Rosemary Coupe of the Vancouver Branch

The Ladies Man


The Carswellian

Information about Scottish Country Dancing in the South West of England

Fun for SCD

Scottish Country Dance of the Day . . .