Dances devised locally to Bridport


  format devised by date
The Fox on the Hill S 8x32 Bill Allan September 1995
St. Michael's Jig J 4x32 Robert Dawson January 1998
Welcome to Bridport R 8x32 Leslie Broughton June 2000
The Sour Lemon J 8x40 John & Hilary Ashby March 2001
Ropemakers Strathspey S 4x40 Sarah Prone March 2002
A Dance for Ann J 4x40 Caroline Morgan-Smith November 2002
Patricia's Make-up Medley (S32+R32) Patricia Hughes February 2003
Bridport Reel of Seven R 1x64 Ann Prior Summer 2003
Sarah's Wedding Strathspey S 3x40 Martine Guilbert June 2004
Sylvie de Pen Lan R 8x40 Val Ford July 2004
Bramley House Strathspey S 8x32 John Ashby October 2008
Playing the Field J 3x32 Sue Tyler, Sidmouth December 2007
The Bus Pass J 8x32 Tony Meadley November 2010
Our Breton Friends 64S & 64R in square set Tony Meadley December 2012
Mrs Rae of Westerton - not really ours but not to be found anywhere else. S 3x32 Marion McIntosh of Westerton 2011
The Lannion Link - (the crib) Four couple 40 bar Strathspey Caroline Morgan-Smith 2002 (rev 2016)

Illustrations Jill Leckie©