Summer Dance

Bridport Scottish Dancers

Saturday 23rd July 2022

Salway Ash Village Hall


Dancing to Chris and Julie Dewhurst

Bring and Share Supper. Tea, Coffee and Squash provided.

  1. Raven’s Dance J8X32
  2. Dance for Joy J8X32
  3. The Singing Sands S3X32 3C
  4. Summer on the Beach R4X32 4C
  5. Bees of Maggieknockater J4X32 4C
  6. Midsummer Common S8X32
  7. The Comely Lass R8X32
  8. The Jubilee Jig J8X32
  9. Jean Martin of Aberdeen S3X32


  1. Ayrshire Lasses S5X32 5C
  2. Cramond Bridge R8X32
  3. Chased Lovers J8X32
  4. Wild Mountain Thyme S3X32 3C Tri
  5. Craigleith R88 Square set
  6. Osgood MacKenzie of Inverewe R4X32 4C
  7. Prince Rupert’s Fancy S3X32 3C
  8. Elusive Muse J3X32 3C
  9. Flight of the Falcon J8X32

Extras: Reel of the Royal Scots R8X32 and The Hunting Horn J8X32

All dances will be walked and talked once.

Tickets £12